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Playball© offers 6 different sport and movement programs for boys and girls between the ages of two and eight. All of the programs are taught in a fun-filled, energetic and positive environment and for the last 25 years children from all over the world have enjoyed the postive impact that our programs have had on their lives.

At face value Playball© programs seem to have only two main objectives - improving basic movement skills and refining sport skills and techniques. However the success of this seemingly "sport program" is in actual fact that through competent sports participation, achieved through sound coaching principles, children secure a solid base from which to develop many other and more important aspects of their lives.

Our goal is clear. To teach sport properly so that any child who attends any one of our 6 programs will achieve a measure of competence!
All the programs been developed, improved and re-designed over the past 25 years resulting in a coaching system that is educational and appropriat in every aspect. The programs are age specific, with each of our programs taking into account the difference in the cognitive, emotional and social development of the children taught in each age group.